Multiple Excitation Wavelength Chlorophyll Fluorescence Analyzer

The MULTI-COLOR-PAM fluorometer provides an unprecedented color range of measuring and actinic light including white and far-red light sources. The various colors enable researchers to tailor conditions of fluorescence measurements exactly to the spectral properties of their sample.

Therefore, the MULTI-COLOR-PAM fluorometer opens the way to study many wavelength-dependent aspects of photosynthesis that so-far have not been commonly accessible.

The MULTI-COLOR-PAM fluorometer is optimized for highly sensitive assessment of photosynthesis in dilute suspensions of algae, cyanobacteria and chloroplasts. In addition, the measuring system can be configured to study leaf photosynthesis and epidermal UV-A screening.

Data analysis by the MULTI-COLOR-PAM fluorometer includes the option to determine the wavelength-dependent functional PS II absorption cross-section, Sigma(II)λ, and absolute PS II turnover rates, ETR(II)λ. In addition, the MULTI-COLOR-PAM software provides standard saturation pulse quenching analysis and methods for analysis of fast fluorescence changes including polyphasic rise kinetics and dark relaxation of fluorescence with a time resolution of 10 μs