Photosynthesis Yield Analyzer

The new MINI-PAM-II fluorometer combines the merits of its predecessor “MINI-PAM” with most modern LED and computer technology.


Sensitivity, small dimensions, reliability under rugged conditions, and simple execution of fluorescence analysis makes the MINI-PAM-II the new standard for PAM fluorometry in field research.


Well-tested fiberoptics with 5.5 mm or 2 mm active diameter reaches even hidden samples.

Measurements under field conditions are easily controlled and monitored by a transflective touchscreen.


Energy-efficient LED sources, storage capacity of 27,000 data sets, and easy replaceable off-the-shelf batteries permit long term research campaigns at remote places.


A new fully digital leaf clip combines fluorescence analysis with measurements of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), leaf temperature and relative humidity.


Expandable through accessories such as external multicolor lamp, optical oxygen sensor and barcode scanner.