January 1983 : Samjung Science was found by H.W. Cha (Gregory Cha).


January 1987 : registered in KOIMA (Korea Importers Association).

June 1987 :  Samjung Science changed its name as Samin Trading Co..

October 1987 : made a first contract with Carl Zeiss.

November 1987 : made a first contract with Somso Modelle GmbH.


February 1989 : made a contract with FlexWatt USA.

March 1989 : H.W. Cha (Gregory Cha) was appointed a member of consultative                           committee for Department of Life Science in POSTECH.


May 1990 : Samin Trading Co. contracted MOU with Yeungnam University.


January 1999 : made a first contract with Beckman Coulter.

April 1999 : registered in KITA (Korea International Trade  Association).


January 2005 : made a contract with Pulley-Man Korea.

November 2015 : made a first agreement with JSK BioMed (Seahorse Bioscience).

December 2015 : Samin Trading Co. changed its name as GREENICS.

July 2016 : GREENICS made a contract with Precipoint.

October 2016 : GREENICS made a contract with Heinz Walz GmbH.

May 2019: GREENICS made a contract with Sapidyne.

August 2019: GREENICS made a contract with Ahram Biosystems.

March 2020: GREENICS made a contract with On-Chip Biotechnologies.

History of GREENICS

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