GREENICS (Sam In Trading Co.), Was founded in 1983 and has grown with its partner companies, Carl Zeiss Microscopy and Beckman Coulter. During the last 37 years, we have focused on supplying and servicing Laboratory Analytical Systems with advanced technologies to various industries and educational organizations for the purpose of research, test and QA/QC.


    We are one of the largest distributors of scientific and analytical instruments in Korea especially Gyeongsang district based on Daegu city. (According to all report)


    With our commitment to customer support satisfaction and problem-solving, we ensure our outstanding performance in marketing, sales, applications and technical support. Your Scientific & Technical Partner in Korea could be GREENICS. Supporting you would also be our

Co-Companies; Heinz Walz, Sapidyne, Ahram Biosystems, PreciPoint, On-Chip Biotechnologies, and Pulley-Man.





                       -Chief of GREENICS-