Gas-Exchange Chamber

The Gas-Exchange Chamber 3010-GWK1 is designed to investigate medium-sized samples like small branches, big leaves, or fruits under well-defined climate controlled conditions. To provide this, the 3010-GWK1 chamber has a highly efficient temperature control, a transversal fan for fast ventilation, and pneumatic connectors for air-supply.

Internally there are sensors to accurately monitor temperature at three sites, air humidity, and PAR (photosynthetically active radiation). Externally the chamber has additional sensors for temperature and PAR.

The LED-Panel RGBW-L084 provides illumination for the Gas-Exchange Chamber 3010-GWK1. It has a densely packed array of high-power color-LEDs for uniform light distribution. Individual adjustable colors Red, Green, Blue and White exhibit together a maximum output of 2000 μmol s-1 m-2 or better.

For CO2 gas-exchange measurements, the chamber can be operated as part of the the GFS-3000 in replacement of the Standard Measuring Head 3010-S. Otherwise the chamber can be operated directly by a computer using an optional interface. On request, the top part of the chamber will be manufactured to match the requirements for particular samples.

Please consider using Gas-Exchange Chamber 3010-GWK1 in combination with the GFS-3000, that the maximum flow of the GFS-3000 is 1.9 l/min. Leaf samples producing too much humidity can limit the systems capabilities.

The 3010-GWK1 also facilitates the option of studying spatially resolved chlorophyll fluorescence under defined conditions, because its sample area matches the imaging area of the IMAGING-PAM M-Series MAXI version.